About Us

“Science of Motherhood” is one of the fastest emerging online portals to find reliable and clutter-free information around prenatal and postnatal care. Bringing our decades of collective experience to ‘order the disorder’ and resolve information overload, find free resources and curated materials that support you to stay healthy in pregnancy, keep the unborn baby fit, and ensure a complication-free delivery.

Importance of Curating Reliable Information

We now have an abundance of information available online. While it sure sounds good for those who want to learn, a lot of the medical and healthcare-related information is inaccurate. False data and subjective opinions are loosely thrown around as facts now. Since millions of people around the world read and believe such information, which leads to many direct and indirect health repercussions, the menace is big and needs to be tackled with utmost urgency.

At ‘Science of Motherhood’, we are trying to solve the challenge. Our team brings extensive experience that spans close to two decades. Not only does the team have adequate technical and objective knowledge about the field, but it also has a fair idea of what people are trying to know. This enables us to add a personalized trace to our portal, which has eventually made us a reliable platform to find information around “everything obstetric”.

Who We Are

Founded in the year 2020, we are an information portal, created by the Trust called Science of Motherhood.

This trust is a not-for-profit organization engaged in elevating the quality of practice in the mother and child domain by informing, educating and skilling the person of concern. It is set up by three experienced clinicians and one clinical scientist. The primary objective of the portal is to provide clear, reliable and relevant information to expecting mothers, as well as women desiring to start a family. Besides, it also addresses the healthcare professionals who are involved in taking care of the said women, committed to empower them with the right guidance.

Our Plans and Visions

Here, at ‘Science of Motherhood’, we visualize to up-scale the quality and level of care in this field by providing accurate information-based support to all the people concerned. As a not-for-profit Trust, we have several plans and actions in line, waiting for the execution in the coming months.

• We are going to put up an interactive social media page to actively engage with the stakeholders. We will be doing live call-in programs to answer the query raised by the people.

• We seek to organize face-to-face sessions between our experts and other person of concerned on public platforms to initiate higher awareness amongst the people.

• We will introduce residential training programs for the clinical staff soon

• While we have already started holding skilling sessions and academic events for the doctors, we plan to take it to a much wider scale.

• Along with the help of corporate and generous individuals, we will put up a fund to financially support indigent couples to achieve parenthood.

• At some point, we will also set up a helpline to address the emotional needs of the suffering couples.

The team at ‘Science of Motherhood Trust’ is highly committed, with noble and just intentions. While we dream big, we also understand that a lot of work needs to be done to achieve parts of what we have planned. It would be wonderful to have others join us in our efforts to redefine this field and turn ours into a collaborative journey.

If you are interested to join us please mail to workwithus@scienceofmotherhood.com

Dr. Pradip Goswami

He is a senior gynecologist and a obstetrician who has worked tirelessly for last 15 years trying to establish maternal and fetal health as a recognized specialty in Eastern India

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Dr. Rohit Gutgutia

One of the top most fertility expert in Eastern India. He enjoys simplifying treatment procedures and educating patients about their condition.

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Dr. Dipanjana Datta

Dr. Dipanjana Datta is a Genetic Counselor and has 13 years of experience in the field of human genetics. She is also the State(WB) Coordinator for Organization of Rare Disease India.

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Dr Brajagopal Roy

He is one of the top most neonatologist and pediatrician in Kolkata. He is also a trainer and examiner of Royal College of Paediatrics UK

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