Fetal Medicine is a Sub-specialty Branch of Obstetrics and Gynaecology which deals with the health & wellbeing of an unborn child inside mother’s uterus as a potential patient.

Up to 3-4 of every 100 babies are born with a major congenital abnormality. A larger number may be born with less severe congenital problems. But it should not be your baby?

Many of these abnormalities are associated with chromosomal or genetic problems, which may run in families. As the mother’s age of 1st pregnancy is increasing in our country, the incidence of such problems in the babies are on the rise (eg. Downs syndrome). Conditions like Thalesemia is a major health problem in our society with about 10000 thalassemia children are born every year. With increasing number of women conceiving through fertility treatment .fetal health issues are also on the rise.

Over the years , the concept of a general ultrasonography in pregnancy has been evolved into a specialised and detailed assessment of unborn child by Fetal Medicine Specialists for their future wellbeing and health.

If a fetal health is identified and found treatable , it can be done either inside mother’s womb or after delivery in a planned way . Safe and uncomplicated delivery could also be timed .

If a problem found which is not treatable or not compatible with life , pregnancy can be terminated in time to prevent future long term consequences for the child and family.

Atleast three assessments of fetus is recommended in pregnancy every three months to assess genetic health and structural health of fetus along with growth and wellbeing – So called “ Fetal Master Health Check up”.

This awareness is paramount in would be parents to promote”  Safe Motherhood and Healthy Baby “

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