The IVF Process: How to Keep Your Sanity Intact

Let's face it: IVF is tough and is a physical and emotion roller coaster with no defined end time attached!

Coping with the fact that one must undergo IVF is also tough. But doable! Here are some pointers that you may find helpful!

1. YOU do not have to take anyone’s advice on anything, including mine here. It's your way and your life and you get to choose!

2. Its ok to feel cheated that YOU had to undergo this. But you can always rationalize that as everyone has to take on some or other trouble in their lives, this may be your share of it.

3. Anyone including your bestie can suggest anything to you but YOU decide what’s best for you.

4. You have a right to say no to nosy questions from family or friends.

5. The process of IVF means lots of shots and lots of scans. It may sound horrible but surprisingly it does not take much to get used to it. The hormonal changes, however, can make you unpredictable, emotionally challenged, happy, ecstatic and back to hopeless again. This is the harder part that takes some getting used to. Keep telling yourself that it is the shots and not you anytime you think or act weird.

6. Yes, it is so unfair to think that your partner have it so easy without any shots or whatsoever. But believe me he is also under stress. The process takes a toll on him in unseen ways. One of the big collateral damages it does on the sexual life that you may have been enjoying! Even more reason to be open and communicative about all of this throughout the process. Try to get him to participate more in decision making. If possible, try to see the lighter side of it all.

7. Keep a log of everything. You can write a book, tell your kids about their coming to earth story and if nothing else at least go through the memories when you want to.

8. Reward yourself on achievements be it big or small. If the doctor says you did well on scans, if the blood workup came out good please go out and splurge on an occasional ice-creams or chocolates. They may not mean much but can make you feel good.

9. There is no wishing away from the IVF process and multiple visits needed. Best is to think it through and include these visits in the daily routine so that they do not seem taxing later on.

10. There are options in terms of the injections that are given to you. Please read up and ask for alternates to make it easier for you with lesser number of injections and sometimes lesser painful ones too. Do not worry, that DOESNOT LESSEN YOUR CHANCES AND LET NO ONE MAKE YOU FEEL THAT MORE THE PAIN BETTER IT IS FOR YOU!


12. Tough women do better. So do not indulge in self-pity. Chin up and face the music. But always keep plan B in place.

I could go on, but I would like to hear from all of you as well. How did you fight it out and win your battle. Please do write in to

Dr. Rohit Gutgutia

Dr. Rohit Gutgutia is associated with Motherhood fertility (east). He has set up the clinical protocols for this practice. He enjoys simplifying treatment procedures and educating patients about their condition. Dr. Rohit Gutgutia has been instrumental in promoting institutional reproductive medicine across east India and Bangladesh.

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