Clichéd as it may sound, it's a fundamental truth… Good health is the beginning of every great thing in life. And getting some exercise every day is the simplest way towards good health.

Even when empirical evidence falls short, it's not completely absurd to believe that when you work out on a regular basis, it’s going to leave a positive impact on your fertility, at least indirectly if not directly. And this is just as true for men as it is for women.

Talking about most evident benefits, it includes better sleep quality, reduced unhealthy weight and lowered stress level. All these bounds to prove effective in the optimal functioning of the reproductive system.

Cardio exercises, strength training, yoga, and stretching are some of the popular forms of exercises that can help you boost your fertility.

However, it's worth mentioning that a handful of studies have shown the negative effect of excessive exercise on the fertility rate. So, if you aren’t naturally a fitness junkie, avoid pushing your ropes and working out for extended hours. For instance, if you’re experiencing soreness, fatigue, and delayed menstrual, there's a good chance that you’re over-exercising and needs to simmer down.

Incorporate moderate workout regimen, along with a healthy diet, to your lifestyle. You feel a positive difference almost instantly.

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