Lifestyle Modifications

It's no secret that little changes in your daily routine can bring about major influence in your psychological and physiological being. Now, the internet is filled with such information, a lot of which cannot be relied upon. To clutter through this crowd, here are some of the factors that can impact your fertility:

    1. Body weight: Among women, a very low body mass index (BMI) is correlated to infertility. Among men, obesity is linked to lower sperm count and other erectile dysfunction. So, maintaining healthy body weight is quite essential to improve your fertility.

    2. Exercise: Not only working out helps you maintain a healthy body weight and posture, but it also helps fix hormonal imbalances. And it has been documented well in multiple studies. While in women exercising results in menstrual regularity, in men, it results in higher sperm count and motility.

    3. Caffeine intake: In several studies it was found that, among women, consumption of even moderate amount of caffeine (200-300 mg/day) is associated with low pregnancy rates and higher miscarriages. On the contrary, there's very less evidence on if caffeine negatively affects male fertility.

    4. Alcohol consumption Excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect the reproductive system, which can significantly decrease the total fertility rate in both women and men. So, if you're a heavy drinker, it's important that you get hold of that habit. In men, in particular, just abstinence from alcohol for 3 months can improve their fertility.

    5. Smoking: Just like alcohol, nicotine has negative effects on fertility. For instance, in several studies, it has been documented that women who smoke add ten years to their reproductive potential. Similarly, among men, smoking is associated with poor sperm quantity and quality.

    6. Recreational drugs: The likes of marijuana has shown signs to increase infertility in both the sexes. In men, it causes ejaculation problems and impotence. In women, it affects their menstrual cycle and causes other issues. Fortunately, these effects are reversible once you discontinue the use of recreational drugs.

    7. Cell phones: While there exist no hard facts that cell phones directly cause infertility, there are a few studies that document the correlation between the two. Cell phones emit radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Men exposed to this excessively get their sperm's motility decreased and appearance abnormal. Similarly, in women, RF-EMF negatively impacts ovaries, uterus, and embryo. Indeed, today, it's not easy to give up our phones entirely, healthy usage habit is highly recommended.

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