Pelvic Adhesions

Adhesions are scar tissues that cause internal organs to be abnormally stuck together. Pelvic adhesions distort the fallopian tubes, which not only reduce the chances of conceiving but also cause pain. Such adhesions are usually the result of pelvic infection or previous surgeries (due to the ineffective procedure and/or increased inflammation during the healing process).

Laparoscopy or laparotomy is performed to remove the adhesions, which subsequently improves the pain and the chances of getting pregnant. However, there could be instances when the adhesions may form back again.

In fact, several studies suggest that adhesions are re-formed in 55-100 percent of patients who had reproductive pelvic surgeries, like myomectomy, laparoscopic and more. So, it’s quite a dilemma to opt for the surgical process to remove your pelvic adhesions knowing well that it, itself, can be a cause that the scar tissues form again.

The first step in treating or reducing the risk of adhesions is consulting the right specialist. A qualified and experienced doctor can put you on the right course, be it starting a medicine regiment or choosing the right kind of surgical techniques. When it comes to prevention, take all the precautionary measures against infection.

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