Late Pregnancy

What is late pregnancy?

Late pregnancy is when a woman gets pregnant after the age of 35 years. Generally, these are also “high-risk pregnancy”.

Is late pregnancy safe?

Late pregnancy is safe only if cared and managed properly. The average age of first pregnancy is increasing today. Women with infertility are opting for several treatments to get pregnant after the age of 35 years.

What is Down Syndrome?

It is a common chromosomal problem of the baby that includes development and intellectual delays. Often, this is accompanied by congenital problems like heart disease. These prevent the affected person from leading a normal life. Down syndrome is common in late pregnancies.

Can I detect baby’s genetic problems before birth?

Yes. Blood test of the mother, as well as n ultrasonography of the fetus, as early as 3 months, can help you detect baby’s genetic problems with 90 percent accuracy. If this ‘Screening Test’ is positive, you would need to do a special test called “CVS/ Amniocentesis” to confirm any problem with 100 percent accuracy.

If the baby has a genetic problem, is there any cure?


How common are miscarriages?

It’s common; more with late pregnancies. This is why taking all the important measures and managing your pregnancy with the right team of experts is so important.

Is blood sugar going to be a problem in elderly pregnant women?

In many cases, yes. Fortunately, this is relatively easily manageable with medication and dietary changes. All you need is to be aware of the problem through the right diagnosis.

Is blood pressure going to be a problem in elderly pregnant women?

In many cases, yes. This is more prevalent in late pregnancies. This can be life-threatening for the mother, as well as the baby. Early diagnosis and proper treatment are essential.

Will the baby grow normally?

In late pregnancies, many complications may arise that may affect the growth of the baby in the uterus. Such problems must be identified at the earliest or the baby may die inside mothers’ uterus and managed . Ultrasonography is an effective way to monitor such issues.