Looking after A Newly Born

I don’t want to take any credit for saving a baby born in a very bad shape. Rather I would ask my obstetrician colleagues to deliver a good baby. Honestly, there are hundreds of babies born in this country who do not cry at birth and suffer brain damage. When there are so many gadgets available to monitor the baby antenatally why should the baby suffer from birth asphyxia? This doesn’t make sense at all! Having said that even in western world, there are babies who suffer from delayed cry after birth. It only means that in some cases it is unavoidable. However, there are several instances where this is preventable with close monitoring of mother and the fetus by antenatal scans.

You may argue that we live here in a third world country where our priorities are different so we cannot monitor all the antenatal mothers carefully. I would like to say a few points regarding this-

Firstly, think about the implications of these babies to the society and to the family! It’s  huge in terms of financial aspect and the family sufferings!

And think about the burden to the health care system.

So, I would rather provide every antenatal mother a CTG machine to be monitored during delivery in straightforward cases and arrange a good follow up with fetal medicine experts in complicated cases!

I would rather like every baby be delivered under monitoring than risking them to birth asphyxia.

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Dr. Brajagopal Roy

I graduated from NRS Medical college Kolkata and got MD degree in Paediatrics from the Calcutta University in 1998. Then I went to England and worked there for 11 years; last 2 years as Consultant in Durham Hospital NHS Trust England. I obtained MRCPCH, FRCPCH and CCT in England. I returned to Kolkata in 2012 and joined as Asst Prof in RKM Seva Pratisthan, and also started working as Neonatologist and Paediatrician in AMRI Hospital.

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