Medical problems in Pregnancy

Can a woman with existing medical problems give birth?

Yes, she can. With such advancements in medicine and technology, it’s possible for women to give birth to a baby even with existing medical problems. However, that said, it could be quite risky – to mother, as well as the baby. Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, kidney problems, and more can cause complications during pregnancy and delivery. Consult a Gynaec Doctor with right skills and knowledge .

What if the pregnant woman has congenital heart disease?

The feto-maternal condition must be monitored continuously. Echocardiography must be done to monitor the condition. Also, with medication, of right kind before the pregnancy, the heart condition must be optimized. The mother should be admitted to the right place where there are ICU and other necessary facilities are available .

What to do if you’re diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy?

Your blood sugar must be closely and consistently monitored. You must take all the proper measures to keep your blood sugar level under control, ideally before the pregnancy come . Else, your baby’s risk congenital problems in the fetus increases.

What if the pregnant woman has chronic kidney disease?

Closely working with a good doctor is essential. Because pregnancy, with this condition, further reduces the function of the damaged kidney. In addition, there’s also the risk of high blood pressure incidences. The pregnant women must be assessed thoroughly at the early stages for any complications. She must be on safe medications for baby.

What if the pregnant woman has rheumatic disease?

Some medications taken for rheumatic conditions can have harmful effects on pregnancy, even leading up to recurrent pregnancy loss. So, making an adjustment to the medication per the patient’s conditions needs to be done. Consult an expert.

What if the pregnant woman is on thyroid medications?

For hypothyroid, doses of medicine need to be increased. For hyperthyroid, special care should be taken of the mother and fetus.

What if the pregnant woman has hypertension?

Generally, blood pressure can be controlled using the right medicines. And that’s what the doctors would do before and during. However, some blood pressure medications aren’t particularly free from side-effects, which can be harmful during pregnancy. So, before prescribing any such medicine, proper assessment must be done.

What’s the best advice in the complicated pregnancies?

Work closely with your doctor. Don’t slow reluctance in your medicines, diet, and workout. Listen to experts and follow what they say religiously. And above all, be happy and take care of yourself. Your baby can only be healthy and normal with proper management .