Privacy Policy

Here at “Science of Motherhood”, we treat users’ privacy very seriously, taking all the necessary measures to ensure their data remains protected. This privacy policy documents what user information we collect, how we collect it, why we collect it, and what we do with that data. It also outlines your rights with regard to your personal information. Before continuing the use of this site and any of its services, you’re asked to read this privacy policy. If you disagree with any of the terms or clauses, you’re requested to leave the website immediately and discontinue any relationship you have with “Science of Motherhood”. You’re providing your voluntary and complete consent to this privacy policy by continuing the use of the website.

What information do we collect?

We collect a range of user information in several ways. Some of the information you provide voluntarily, others are collected with no voluntary participation on your end, done automatically by our system. The collected information includes, but isn’t limited to, users’ full name, email address, phone number, postal address, browser type, IP address, session duration, browsing pattern, and more. Note: The information collected automatically is Non-PII Data or Not Personally Identifiable Information Data. Meaning, the information cannot be used to identify individuals. Your privacy remains protected.

How do we collect the information?

We collect user information in a range of ways. The information provided to us voluntarily is done through several forms or ways. When visitors subscribe to our website, they are asked to give their name, email address, and more. When they indulge in any transactional association with us, to make the transaction happen, they are asked to give their full name, email address, phone number, card details, and more. The transaction is made through reliable payment gateways; when transacting, the users are liable to the terms and conditions and privacy policy of that company.

The website uses cookies. These are small text files that are sent to users’ devices to record several of their online activities. The information collected this way is completely automatic. The primary intent behind cookies is that they help us improve our website, its features, and hence enhance the experience of the users. To that, you have the option to disable cookies from the setting of your browser. However, disabling cookies might make some parts of the website inaccessible and not fully functional.

What do we do with the collected information?

Information collected automatically through cookies, or other solutions if any, is used to improve our website, its features, and our services. In our ever-long commitment to deliver good user experience, we use the data to make integral changes and keep the site highly functional. The information users provide us voluntarily, primarily, among various usages, they are used to fulfill their requests, send newsletters and various marketing communication correspondence, send administrative emails, and prevent the abuse of the website. Users have the independence to unsubscribe from our emails at any time. They can do so by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button that’s available at the bottom of every email. They can also unsubscribe by directly contacting us and conveying their request.

What do we do to protect the information?

As mentioned, we take users’ privacy very seriously. We follow the highest standards to ensure the complete safety of users’ data with several technical and administrative measures in place. In addition, our team runs manual scans on the website to find loopholes and detect security vulnerabilities. The data collected stay safe behind multiple walls of protection. The access to it is allowed to only a select few and highly trusted individuals in the team. So, at “Science of Motherhood”, we make all the possible efforts to ensure maximum protection to users’ data. However, that said, for full disclosure on our end, owing to the dynamic nature of the web and newer threats surfacing every other day, we bear no guarantee here. In case if the users’ information gets compromised, we don’t stand liable for any loss the users sustain.

Additional Clauses

  • We work with highly trusted third-parties, as and when needed, to deliver better solutions, features, and services. They act on our behalf. When you’re engaging with them, your rights come under the provisions of their privacy policy and terms and conditions.

  • We will never sell users’ PII.

  • If and when an exceptional instance arises when we are obligated to disclose user information, based on our best judgment, we may oblige. If we do, we’re not particularly responsible to inform about this to the concerned user.

  • As and when needed, we may make changes to this document, which would come into effect immediately from the time of the update. We will try to notify about these changes to the users. In case, if we fail at that, we cannot be held accountable for that. So, you’re advised to go through the privacy policy regularly to know about any changes that we may have made.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.