High Risk Pregnancy

Comparatively, some pregnancies are of “high risk”, with greater chances of complications. This “high risk” label is based on several factors, like:

  • Medical problems that the mother is suffering from(like heart disease, Diabetes , High BP ,rheumatic conditions, more).
  • Problems in previous pregnancies (like miscarriage, recurrent pregnancy loss, more).
  • Development in index pregnancy (like increase in blood sugar or pressure , twin pregnancy, more).
  • Pregnancies out of fertility treatment (like IUI, IVF, more).
  • Such high-risk pregnancies are managed with specialized care and support from qualified teams.

    The right treatment can keep both the mother, as well as the unborn child, safer and healthier. But as said, it requires intensive care and important measures like controlling existing medical conditions, not repeating the same mistakes that led to complications the last time, detecting congenital problem in the baby.

    Sure, nothing is guaranteed in these high-risk pregnancies. But chances of a healthier baby (and mom) significantly increases if the treatment is done by the right team and under the right facilities.