34 Tips To Keep Your Unborn Baby Healthy: For All The To-Be-Moms

The care starts just as soon as you get the good news.

In reality, pregnancy doesn’t have to be a hold-your-breath-and-do-everything-perfectly phase.

No matter how precautious and careful you are, you cannot completely eliminate the risks.

At the same time, small and consistent measures on your end can really make a big difference in ensuring a healthy baby – and an equally healthy you.

So, here are 35 tips for the to-be mama and her baby during pregnancy:

1. Stay informed. The more you’re informed, the better you can take care of yourself, recognize any symptoms, and seek timely treatment. Here at the Science of Motherhood, we have a lot of information on pregnancy care. Browse around.

2. Restrict yourself from negative media consumption - Stay away from articles and resources that are aimed at scaring you. Stop consuming such negative media. It will translate into uncalled stress, anxiety, and paranoia. Whenever in doubt, go see a doctor and find answers.

3. Preconception care - It is important step and yet so many women overlook this. If you didn’t consult your doctor before planning the pregnancy, you want to visit them as soon as you can. Early tests and diagnosis for any possible condition can help minimize the risks in the later trimesters.

4. Start walking more - Adopt a routine to walk every day in the morning.

5. Measure your weight - Are you overweight? Are you underweight? The ideal weight range for pregnant women varies based on their existing health and lifestyle. So, ask your doctor what your “ideal” is and then work to stay in that weight range.

6. Limit your love for coffee - Have no more than 300 mg of caffeine every day. If you can eliminate it altogether, even better.

7. No alcohol, no smoking. Read it again!

8. Avoid misleading information online - Googling “nausea in pregnancy why” – or something similar won’t find you anything constructive. Visit your doctor.

9. Meditation - Do you meditate? It’s not necessarily a “must” but meditating can help calm you down and ease off the stress. And less stress and more calmness are what you need when pregnant. So, do meditate every day. Even 15 minutes count.

10. Talk to your partner - Share how you’re feeling; share your joy and discomfort. They are just as big part of this pregnancy as you. Have them be your emotional support.

11. No undercooked food - Say no to foods that aren’t fully cooked. You risk getting food poisoning.

12. Avoid raw and processed food - Don’t eat raw sprouts, organ meat, unpasteurized milk, fruit juice, and processed junk foods.

13. Take essential nutrients - Make sure you’re getting enough of all the essential nutrients. Your body needs calcium, vitamin D, protein, iron, and folate.

14. Wholesome diet - Some foods are good to take during pregnancy. It includes fish liver oil, whole grains, sweet potatoes, salmon, sardines, eggs, broccoli, leafy greens, avocadoes, and more. Get more of these.

15. Seek expert’s advice - Ask your doctor – or visit a nutritionist – to understand better what you should be eating and what you should avoid.

16. Proper hydration - Keep yourself hydrated. Don’t wait to “feel thirsty”. Remind yourself to drink a small amount of water every hour.

17. Meal habits - Keep an eye on your food portion. Since now pregnant, you might need to change your meal habit. Don’t eat until you’re full – eat until you’re satisfied. Moreover, instead of having three large meals, having 6 small meals is a better idea.

18. Healthy Snacking - Have healthy snacks around all the time for your hunger pangs.

19. Enough Sleep - Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep until you’re satisfied – feeling refreshed.

20. Light workout - Involve yourself in a light workout.

21. Avoid doing HIIT - Don’t do HIIT.

22. Avoid aggressive exercises - Avoid exercises that put strains in your abdominal region.

23. Say No to exercise in hot weather - Do not exercise in hot and humid weather. You will end up feeling sick.

24. Aerobics - Low-impact aerobics is your best bet. It’s safe and will keep you in a healthy condition.

25. Stop exercising when unwell - Chest pain, vaginal bleeding, dizziness, pelvic pain, rapid heart rate, muscle weakness, swelling, and headache are some signs that you should stop exercising. If the condition stays even after a few hours, visit your doctor.

26. Avoid medicines without prior consultation of Doctor - Don’t take any medicine without first consulting your doctor. Some OTC medicines during pregnancy might not be safe.

27. Get all the tests done - At the right time –your doctor has asked you to.

28. Lamaze classes - Attend Lamaze classes with your partner (usually in your last trimester).

29. Comfortable clothing - Wear light and stretchy clothes. Avoid anything that causes discomfort – or chafes against your skin, especially in your abdominal region.

30. Seek professional help when stressed or anxious - If you’re feeling too much stress and anxiety, seek professional help. Visit a therapist or psychologist. Not attending to your psychological requirements can cascade to affect your physical health.

31. Protect yourself from air pollution - Don’t hit outdoors when AQI is bad. Always wear a mask when you’re out. Also, keep your house clean.

32. Continuity of normal activities you enjoy - Don’t stop all the activities that you used to enjoy. You will end up bored. Be thoughtful of whatever you’re doing – but continue doing things that you like. Pregnancy doesn’t have to put a pause in your life.

33.Swimming - Can you swim? Join the local swimming club, if yes. Swimming – especially in late pregnancy – can help soothe the aches, leaving you feeling much refreshed and better.

34. Stay in touch with your doctor - Listen to them; follow their advice.

Of course, this list of unborn child health care tips can be endless. There are plenty of small things that you should adhere to as a new mommie.

In the end, it comes down to how well you understand your body and how quickly you act as per its needs.

It’s all going to be good. And in just a matter of months, you’ll have a healthy baby and a happy family. Take small measures every day. Take care of yourself.

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Dr. Rohit Gutgutia

Dr. Rohit Gutgutia is associated with Motherhood fertility (east). He has set up the clinical protocols for this practice. He enjoys simplifying treatment procedures and educating patients about their condition. Dr. Rohit Gutgutia has been instrumental in promoting institutional reproductive medicine across east India and Bangladesh.

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